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Ensemble Real Estate Investments has been engaged in the investment, management, and development of commercial real estate for over 30 years. The team has a breadth and depth of experience in real estate investment, finance, development and operation through various real estate cycles. Ensemble demonstrates its expertise through its established portfolio consisting of multifamily, hotels, medical office and general office assets.

Well versed in the art and science of placemaking, Ensemble is an experienced team of developers and asset managers specializing in creating inspiring, context-specific places for people to live, work, learn and play. From one-of-a-kind architecture that reflects the fabric of a local community to surprising elements that foster “a-ha” moments of discovery, our multifamily projects are infinitely more than just buildings.

Nadia Geller Designs | Interior Design

Nadia Geller Designs is an award winning interior design firm that specializes in crafting interiors for the real estate, hospitality and commercial property community. Established in 2003, our staff has over 100 years of collective knowledge and experience providing creative solutions to complex projects while harmoniously translating the property’s branding persona into physical interiors that are timeless and original.  From inception to installation; NGD provides excellent customer service and immaculate finished products that are designed for longevity, productivity, and enjoyment.

Mark Tessier | Landscape Architecture

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc. (MTLA) is a team of landscape architects and designers who are passionate about how the landscape evolves with time and use.  At the heart of the firm’s award-winning work is our ability to enhance the built space by paying close attention to how people interact with and inhabit their surroundings.

As a full service design firm, we are deeply invested in the entire environment driving us to craft creatively programmed exterior spaces that reveal a sense of beauty, discovery, cohesiveness and sustainability.  We create an overall identity and vision for every project by exploring and developing thoughtful, climatically-appropriate, site-specific landscapes that connect people to their outdoor space.  Every project continues to enhance, inform and challenge each design from becoming predictable and stagnant.  Ultimately, our innovative design solutions bridge the complex relationship between architecture and the landscape making each project feel like a destination with longevity of style.

Studio T2 | Architect

We are Studio T-Square — a team of architects, designers, planners, and urbanists passionate about community building. Based in Long Beach and Oakland, we take special pride in our local work, creating iconic architecture and vibrant neighborhoods via collaborative design. Among our greatest achievements are the strong relationships that we forge with our clients and cities through the consistent execution of superior professional service and quality design and delivery. Our commitment to quality and client-first approach has positioned Studio T-Square as an international leader in the design and planning of multi-family, mixed-use, senior, student, and affordable housing, commercial, hospitality and transit-oriented developments. Learn more about the value we deliver at

Wrapped Studio | Art / Mural

WRAPPEDLA co-founders Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman met as freshmen at Pomona College.  Kindred spirits, they formed an instant friendship and determined early in their college careers that they wanted to go into business together upon graduating with degrees in Economics. Sam has had an interest in architecture since he was a young child and wanted to incorporate his passion for design into the business.  Ryland, a lifelong artist, is the son of painter Charles Arnoldi.  He grew up in an art studio, mixing paints and stretching canvases, creating works of art since he was a very young child.  Sam and Ry agreed that art and design had to be the core foundation of the company that eventually evolved into WRAPPEDLA.  They spent a year after college, traveling around the world, studying different cultures and traditions. Avid surfers, outdoorsmen and adventurers, Ry and Sam shared a quintessential California aesthetic that evolved with travel and time, to encompass an international sensibility.  They came home from their travels, rolled up their sleeves, and built WRAPPEDLA.

Ensemble has been a dream client for WRAPPEDLA.  The site visits, the different architectural requisites, spatial requirements, logistics, and specific location, presented the team with an exciting challenge.  Sam has enjoyed meeting with Ensemble, discussing the various possibilities, and getting to know Long Beach.  He brought the blueprint of possibility home to Ry who then got to work in the studio and translated the information into imagery.   The collaborative effort between WRAPPEDLA and Ensemble has been electrifying.

Jen Mehranvary is the Senior Art Advisor at WRAPPEDLA and is the point of contact for all Ensemble projects.  Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, she has an advanced degree in Studio Art from UC Irvine where she specialized in painting, drawing and design.  She speaks four languages and is a talented artist in her own right.  Jen is the great translator at WRAPPEDLA.  She has a genius for working with clients, helping them to fulfill their vision.  She can transform vague ideology into concrete imagery and help change an ordinary space into inspirational environment.  At WRAPPEDLA you will often find Jen in the studio, working on the artwork.  She can draw; she can paint.  Ensemble has been one of the most inspirational projects that Jen has worked on in her 2 ½ years at WRAPPEDLA.  The flexibility and creativity of the Ensemble team has been intensely exciting.  She has worked hard to help Ry and his team to create the final images and realize Ensemble’s vision.  Jen keeps the trains running on time and inspires all who are fortunate enough to work with her.